Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Simeon Scores Big Soccer Win

Me at Porsche World.  It was awesome! 
Okay, so this week was awesome! I enjoyed General Conference to the max last week and it truly touched my heart to see all of my questions answered and to be reminded the Lord truly does remember us and knows us all. 

This week we saw a part member family we are teaching all come to church as well as a referral from a member who we were able to teach.

I found it!  The same i-cee we have in Guyana!!!
But I will start with the story of the week which was me and my companions totally defeating some teenagers who said they were club soccer players and we could never beat them.  So with all their pride on the line, we challenged them to a game and if they lost they would have to come to church with us.  They said, “sure, but we will not lose.”  So we headed to the field and with us deciding four goals marks the winner, off we went! We scored 3 goals in quick succession because I still remember how to play and my companions were quicker.  They were in shock when they saw they were going to lose.  In fact, one young man said, "wow, those two white guys are too fast and this black one knows how to play." I finished the game off in style by slotting home the winning goal and thanking them for a wonderful game.  We also reminded them we would be seeing them all at church very soon. We will be playing a rematch after they come to church and so we look forward to that!

This Sunday we saw a mother and her children from the Congo come to church.  The mom understands very little English, so while in Gospel Principles class I noticed she was crying and I knew why.  Everyone else spoke English except her. It was tough so I found a Swahili Book of Mormon (which is the language she speaks) and gave it to her so she could read along.  Boy, that made her day. It was incredible to see her face light up and hear her say, “Thank you, Thank you so much” in her broken English.  It made my eyes water a bit and later when we taught her family she said simply, “this I know … that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God.”  I thought to myself, “yes! yes he indeed was” and that made my joy reach up to infinity. I was super happy and, in fact, I still am so I know the Lord prepares his children for us whether they be our friends, family or someone we have never met before.  It truly is amazing to see His hands in all things we do.

This week I was reading in 1 Nephi 20:10 where it says:  “For Behold I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction." 

The Lord knows why He calls us to serve him despite what we are going through for then we can be refined into who He needs us to be to help someone else.

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