Monday, October 5, 2015

Selwin Loved Conference

So, conference was "awesome!"  Talk about the Holy Ghost being there!  I loved all of the talks and despite a few technical difficulties we were able to watch the whole conference.

The week has been really good, as well.  It was one where we saw a lot of miracles happen. We went out tracting this week needing to just have things go "our way" for once but the Lord showed us His way is the best way and will always be the best way. We were able to meet and talk with individuals who had never seen missionaries like us before and to share the wonderful news about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  One day we even ran out of copies of the Book of Mormon while tracting (which rarely ever happens) so that was awesome.  We even tracted into a less-active member who was super happy to see us and talked with us for a while about how her life has been and how she knows it can be better.

Reminds me of home!
Unfortunately we had one sad part of our week when one lady, who was so enthusiastic about the gospel when we first met her, told us after talking it over with her husband they decided this wasn't the thing for them, which was sad to hear because we went back to invite them to conference. As we were walking down the driveway my companion said, "I wonder how much of a conversation it was" but I reminded him everybody has their agency.  Still, she now knows the truth and she felt the spirit when we taught her the gospel.

Our week ended up really well.  We paid a visit to a couple we are teaching and watched the Restoration movie with them, then answered all of their questions.  At the end of it we asked the fiancé if he could say the prayer, to which his fiancé said, "in my nine years with him I've never heard him pray."  But guess what?  He prayed and it was truly humbling, not just for us, but for his fiancé. Upon our leaving they said, “bye and see you next week” … something they've never said before.  Regardless of the outcome I know the spirit of the Lord touched their hearts and spoke peace to them. How great it is to see how the gospel can change lives, and as I remember all the talks given at general conference I couldn't help but notice how every talk was a plea to us all to live the way the Lord would have us live, especially President Thomas S. Monson talk and how by following the principles of the gospel we can return to live with our Father in heaven.

I close with the words of President Uchtdorf when he said: "Exaltation is our goal, discipleship is our journey.”  Oh, how true those words are!  May we ever hold steadfast to our goal is my prayer.

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