Friday, October 2, 2015

Selwin's Perilous Day

Talk about a fun-filled week, blessed with a lot of tracting. It was awesome beyond measure and that's all I'll say about it.

This week, we did it all, from exchanges with the zone leaders to being almost killed, but it was so much fun. We were out one day doing what we do best (aka tracting) and this guy pulls up next to us and tells us we are trespassing.  We were a bit lost so we told him we didn't know it was a private road to which he responded it was a public road and that I shouldn't be smart with him because he would put a bullet through my head.  He then ended with the phrase, "you in the country". We tried going back the way we came but he stopped us and said we had to walk all the way around because if we passed by his house he would shoot us! Ten+ miles /16 kilometers later we were back where we started. But on our way back the Lord blessed us to find someone to talk to and share a copy of the Book of Mormon.  Talk about seeing miracles after the trails / trials of your faith!!!

The bunny and me.
Yesterday we visited an investigator after being prompted to go see her Saturday night while planning. Upon our arrival at her home we found her on the couch unable to move around freely except with the help of crutches.  Then I knew why I was prompted we should pay her a visit.  Our Heavenly Father knew she needed us to give her a blessing. With her permission we did. The spirit was so strong in her home and I know she was at peace when we left her.

Through all these events, especially the one where we had to walk, I couldn't help but think about the Savior Jesus Christ and all He bore. How He was able to show love and to forgive, and how He continued to extend both of these attributes while hanging from the cross. This memory of the Savior reminded me that being Christ-Like means taking on all His attributes, not just a few.  How grateful I am for His examples and for the way He lived His life, teaching us how we should live ours through everything He did.  Oh, how I love my Savior! 

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