Thursday, April 14, 2016

Together Again

It was a joyful reunion at the St. George Airport, when on Wednesday, April 13, Elder Selwin Lovell was reunited with his identical twin brother Simeon Lovell after their combined 26 months of full-time missionary service (Selwin in Mississippi Jackson and Simeon in Georgia Atlanta). 

Selwin's mission president Bruce L. Olson wrote:  "We are grateful to have had Elder Lovell in the Mississippi Jackson Mission.  He has been an outstanding missionary.

"Sister Olson and I have loved serving with Elder Lovell.  We have watched him grow in his faith and his love for the Savior.  We have seen him strengthen the missionaries and members around him and he will be missed.  We have encouraged him to continue to be faithful and keep his sacred covenants, to serve where he is called and to continue to bless the lives of all those with whom he comes in contact.  We express our gratitude for your support and love for him during his service.  May the Lord continue to bless you and your family."

To Southgate Stake President James Bown, Selwin's mission president wrote:  "Elder Lovell has served faithfully.  He has studied and applied the gospel and has acquired Christ-like attributes which will bless and benefit himself and others throughout his life.  He has been an example to all of the missionaries with whom he has served and has strengthened the faith of members in wards and branches."

Selwin was also welcomed home by Stacy and Rick, Kendi and her friend Taylor, Taisley, Danielle and our Bishop Mike Bair and his family including wife Lori, daughters Brianna, Cara and Aspen.  Following Selwin's meeting and release by St. George Southgate Stake President James Bown, family and friends gathered for a hamburger cookout at home.

Certainly many stories are still to come from this "exceptional missionary and fine young man" who served in the deep South, but the future is bright for the twins, though certain to include hardwork, school and eventually marriage and families.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Selwin's Last Letter from the Mission Field

The Jason and Krista Grover family in Purvis, MS
So the time has been spent, memories made and awesome adventures had and it has been a blast. This week we had the opportunity of visiting with fourteen or more companionships (I lost count). It was just amazing to say the least. The spirit was our biggest teacher this week and it was awesome. Well, the time has finally come and after two years of full time service as a missionary I'm coming home, but the work continues. 

Well, I don't know what else to write but heres a little something for you:

In the garden He bled for me 
On the cross He died for me
Resurrected He set me free,
Yes, Christ certainly paved a way for me.

Selwin's biggest fans: the Ishee family in Petal, MS
I give Him all the thanks. I give Him all the glory.
Just look at the Bible and Book of Mormon and you'll see this isn't a made up story.
His Father's gospel He taught. The straight and narrow path He walked.
Yes, He was definitely without fault, yet they nailed Him to that cross
Perfect in all attributes worthy to fill every shoe and yes He did it all for me and you.

Well that's all that I've got for you so until I see you later.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Selwin is Fired Up by the Words of the Prophet

Top left:  Brookhaven District, Me with Elder Stokes.
Bottom left:  Itinerary for travel to St. George and the Wake Village and Stonewall sisters.
This week we drove for what seemed like forever.  We were also apart of a few meetings and a couple other changes taking place in the mission.  To top it all off General Conference was just awesome!!!

We only met with six (6) companionships this week but it was an awesome experience never the less.  We got to drive home late - yep, no time limit on us though it told on me the next day. General Conference for me was one where chastisement was put on and delivered with love. It was also a call for me at least to keep pressing forward. It was awesome. During the priesthood session, as President Thomas S. Monson spoke, he said something which really hit home.  If it had been the only thing he had said it would have been alright with me.

He said: "You are a child of promise, you are a man of might, you are a son of God."  My soul was engulfed with the spirit and I felt a burning desire to live up to that saying, in fact I'm even more fired up, so look out world! It is another testimony to me of why we need prophets in our day. We are still in need of guidance from God regardless of where we stand in life, because the path needing to be travelled is not an easy one but one that once endured will be well worth it. And the Lord knows it, hence why we have leaders who can tell us of the Lord's will for us as we strive to return to live with Him again and one day we will hear Him say " well done thou good and faithful servant."

We are all in this great work together and the Lord is at the head of it.  This is His church and His gospel and I count it a great honor to be apart of it. The Lord said in Moses 1:39: "For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

What a blessing and what a great promise the Lord is bestowing on us becuase of the great love He has for us. I know He lives.