Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Selwin's Last Letter from the Mission Field

The Jason and Krista Grover family in Purvis, MS
So the time has been spent, memories made and awesome adventures had and it has been a blast. This week we had the opportunity of visiting with fourteen or more companionships (I lost count). It was just amazing to say the least. The spirit was our biggest teacher this week and it was awesome. Well, the time has finally come and after two years of full time service as a missionary I'm coming home, but the work continues. 

Well, I don't know what else to write but heres a little something for you:

In the garden He bled for me 
On the cross He died for me
Resurrected He set me free,
Yes, Christ certainly paved a way for me.

Selwin's biggest fans: the Ishee family in Petal, MS
I give Him all the thanks. I give Him all the glory.
Just look at the Bible and Book of Mormon and you'll see this isn't a made up story.
His Father's gospel He taught. The straight and narrow path He walked.
Yes, He was definitely without fault, yet they nailed Him to that cross
Perfect in all attributes worthy to fill every shoe and yes He did it all for me and you.

Well that's all that I've got for you so until I see you later.

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