Friday, June 24, 2016

Simeon Now a Graduate

Simeon graduated last night from Southwest High School here in St. George.  He signed up to get a GED a couple of weeks after returning from his mission.  He hadn’t finished high school in Guyana – dropped out so he could find a job to help his family – but felt strongly he needed to cross that finish line in his life.  A few days into his studies at SWHS, he decided he wanted to get a diploma instead!  

In an effort to complete the required 22 packets, his studies frequently kept him up until midnight or later after a full work day in the hot sun … but, not only did he complete 13 credits, he did so in record time, finishing faster than any student had EVER done at SWHS - and with 20 A’s and 2 B’s.  Then to cap off his successes, he was asked to be the commencement speaker!!!

We are so proud of this great young man who is hardworking, determined and anxious to succeed in school and in life!