Monday, September 8, 2014

Selwin: The Twin Experience

Dressed down and ready for service
You know the saying which goes, "If you’re a twin and something happens to the other half you will most likely have the same experience." Guess what? I’m here to testify to you, it is so true because I felt exactly the same way the whole entire week.  I didn't know why either. Must be a Guyanese twin thing!  But other than being tired, this week was awesome, especially Saturday.

So this week we have been fasting a lot and I'm here to tell you it works. For the first time everyone we had planned to see were at home at exactly the time they said they would be and we got to teach them all. It was so awesome!  A few fell through but that happens and I guess I would say it's my Heavenly Father's way of telling me there are those out here who are just ready and willing to listen to you and to receive His gospel into their lives. 

Being a missionary is so awesome … tough, but awesome. So we had exchanges with the zone leaders this week and as we were tracting one of the streets we came across two people who were just siting there.  As we started to talk to them the guy said, "you know just a few seconds ago I asked God for a sign and then the two of you show up."  I was like “this is so awesome!”  

They are going through some tough times but hopefully as we continue to teach them they will see God is always there and Him sending us at that exact time was for their own benefit to “come unto Him.”

As I was reading in 2 Nephi 6 and 7, which are a few of the Isaiah chapters, it struck me God truly does use His servants to proclaim and to share His word so men can see, with Him all things are possible. As a young man I feel privileged to know He has chosen me as one of those to share His word with the world and I know you all have been chosen as well, so don't lose faith. Keep working hard to bring those souls unto Christ and go out with the missionaries because they are all awesome.

SIDE NOTE:  Selwin was awarded the "Golden Mop Award" for keeping his apartment clean in his first inspection.  He's going to make a great husband one day thanks to Minetta Lovell!

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  1. Well, did it ever occur to either of you FASTING makes you tired! You say you've been fasting a lot! See, I've solved the mystery!