Monday, October 20, 2014

Simeon in the Shadows

In our shadows, we see who God wants us to be!
Okay, not the news I wanted to get but, hey, still awesome news. I am getting transferred again and I do not know where as yet but I will on Wednesday. This week was the BE BOLD week and trust me when I say this … it was.  Last week I told you about an 8-year old boy who threw his grandmother’s lighters away.  This week I FLUSHED her cigarettes away, as well. Yep, the Holy Ghost was really and truly in the lesson and at first I really did not want to do it but, like Selwin said, when you receive a prompting from the Holy Ghost you are receiving a prompting from God.  So I followed the prompting and testify to this … never have I been so bold before and with the new found boldness I looked the grandmother in the eyes, took her cigarettes and told her her Heavenly Father is telling her to stop now, not tomorrow or the day after that, but Now! Of course, it took a lot for her to let go but I was not going to return those cigarettes to her.  Finally she said okay.  Then we gave her a blessing and when we said “amen” she said, “I felt something going out and joy coming in.  My companion, Elder Barraclough and I testified this was the Holy Ghost coming in and evil going out.  We told her Heavenly Father knows she can beat this addiction. The remainder of the week was okay.  We did a lot of finding and had some success so, hey, hard work does pay off when we put our trust in the Lord and remember he is always there for us.  Whenever the voice of doubt and fear tries to take over, we should cast it out and remember the words in Doctrine and Covenants 6:36:

"Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."

And that is what I encourage all of us to do and we will win the Lord's battle.  If he ever needs us to be bold and to testify with everything we've got, just trust him and do it. I testify as we continue to unite as members and missionaries we will see success and bring many, many, many more souls unto Christ by helping them to see they can be forgiven of their sins and by receiving the Holy Ghost will always have Him to be with them.  As they endure they will receive Eternal Life in the Celestial Kingdom of God. The Prophet Joseph Smith answered this question: How do we endure? His reply was "We trust in God and go on" I know as we trust in God we will indeed endure.

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