Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Selwin is Transferred

Our investigator showed up for church today!!!
This week I have some new news and then some awesome news. The new news is I got transferred.  Yep, I'm now in Gulfport, Mississippi. I pretty much moved from one end of the mission to the other but I'll give you a better report the next time. 

Time for the awesome news.  Are you ready for this?  Are you sure? OK, here it is.  We had an investigator in church and it was General Conference as well so it was a bonus. It was so awesome I wanted to jump out of my seat so bad but conference had just started.  It was amazing though and after all this time of not having anyone come to church it was a really amazing time for me. No, I didn't cry cause real men don't cry, we only shed tears which I didn't do either.  It was just awesome and to top it off conference was awesome, too. I enjoyed every single minute of it especially the first session on Saturday when everything they talked about I had thought about during my personal study time and had written it down. It was like I was retaking notes, even though theirs were way better but it was just amazing to me.

I guess it was God's way of showing me He inspires us all no matter where we are. I liked how Elder Bednar closed conference with his talk to investigators but I think it was to us, as well. We need to show that same love and happiness the gospel brings us no matter what.  A member told me something which really made me think. She said, “a lot of us talk the talk but do we walk the walk"  Right away I though about Jesus and the examples He left for us to follow and how important they are for us to do. So my question to all of us is: are we talking the talk and walking the walk"? I sure hope so.  If not you better get to it!

1 Peter 2:21 reads: "For even hereunto were ye called; because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow His steps.”

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