Monday, October 13, 2014

Simeon at 6-Months

Opening my 6-month anniversary box from St. George
Honestly, this week was a little different than I thought it would be. We got a larger area added to ours and the joy one feels when going into a new area is awesome.  We just did not see a whole lot of success though and it was a little strange to us. We hardly talked to anyone and to top that off, none of our investigators came to church, which is not great, but one important thing I have learned and appreciate is patience.  The adversary always looks to foil our plans when he sees us making headway or breaking new ground in helping others to come unto Christ.  Our own perseverance and the power of God will always prevail and I know things will get better and we will see a lot more success.  Of course, we have to put in the effort first and, then there is always a bright side to the week. Those little things will always make us happy and put a smile back on our faces.  

My new stallion
This week it came from a little 8-year old boy who wants to be baptized so badly and wants his grandmother to do the same.  The grandmother has some trouble with smoking and drinking so we are helping her to overcome those habits but I guess her grandson had a better plan.  He took both of her lighters outside, threw both away and declared boldly and triumphantly, "now my grandma won’t smoke anymore!"  It touched my heart to see this little 8-year-old boy who had the wisdom and knowledge to look out for his grandma and to put his faith in God so they can be baptized together.  It brought a smile to my face and it made me remember when the Savior said we should become as little children or we cannot inherit the kingdom of Heaven. 

I believe if we humble ourselves and are submissive, meek, humble and lowly-of-heart we can all become as a little child.  We will not grow down or become shorter but instead we will grow to love and cherish the simple things and be willing to follow more in our Savior’s footsteps. Hey, if I could be a little child again can you imagine all the treats and candy I would receive but most importantly the blessings my Heavenly Father would bless me with for my willingness to follow his son Jesus Christ. So my challenge is to become as a little child and remember as you do so you are in truth preparing yourself and others to live in the Kingdom of God.

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