Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Selwin Reports In

Me with more of my peeps!
Well, we didn't do much this week, to be honest.  That’s sad but hopefully things will get better.  It was an alright week, I guess, with some truly amazing revelations and one awesome Zone Conference.

Me with Sister Harr from St. George
At Zone Conference we had the privilege of being taught by Elder W. Craig Zwick, a member of the First Presidency of the Seventy, and his wife.  They were both just amazing. I felt the spirit so strong it was amazing.  Learning how to be a better missionary is always good.  Sister Zwick said as she was giving her talk, "Enjoy this journey for it will be the most beneficial in you life" and that just made me want to jump out of that bench and say "heck, yeah I will, Sister Zwick" but of course I didn't because I wanted to keep the spirit with me.  To be honest that made my Zone Conference way better with all this power stuff. To all my mothers … I love you.  You already know that but I just wanted to let you all know your words and counsel and all your advice never goes out the window.  For some reason I can never get it out of my head.  I guess that’s the power of being a mother (not taking anything away from the fathers and the prophet and all of those general authorities).

On Saturday, I received a call from my last companion in Shreveport who was telling me about the problems he was having with a few of the elders, including him wanting to give a blessing to a non-member’s daughter who we had met while tracting. For some reason when he said the lady's name, I was prompted to tell him to go now and do it.  He thought it was too late but I reminded him we can get in at 9:30 and so they went. At around 9:05 I got a call from him saying, "Elder Lovell, there's only been one time on my mission when I felt the spirit this strongly but tonight it was way above that." I just listened as the three elders who went bore their testimony about how they felt. They then said, “thank you for telling us to go.”  I reminded them it wasn't me they should thank. Later that night I realized it was the Holy Ghost that had given me the prompting.  It reminds me unless we listen we can never hear the Holy Ghost and when we don't heed to His promptings we are turning away from the promptings of the Lord.

I hope we will all listen and heed to the Spirit when He speaks because we never know whose life we will bless.  It could be yours or someone else's or both as was the case here. Stay strong and take care. 

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