Monday, August 4, 2014

Selwin's Struggles

Making cornbread.  Yummy!!!
So where do I begin?  Not a lot to tell, to be honest, cause this week was just tough. The rain fell again.  Don't get me wrong ... I love the rain but it's just falling too much.  Still haven't found anyone who wants to hear this wonderful gospel and only had one teaching appointment this week. We hardly went out except to do tracting and that was it.  You know things like this normally tend to bring me down, but not just me ... any missionary. But I have found a source that keeps me going no matter what.  Of course my Father in Heaven is always there, but I'm talking about the scriptures. When things aren't going the way we had planned I find peace through reading, pondering and studying the word of God.  It gives me the strength to look past these things and keep going.
Taking notes on how to make delicious cornbread.

I have found even more now than before how my life has been blessed and changed by applying these three principles.  Oh, boy... I'm so grateful my Father in Heaven loves me and he has given me his word to read and learn from it. I promise you one thing, if you have questions or you have problems or whatever it is in this life you are facing turn to the scriptures.  You will find answers to all of those questions.  The scriptures will solve those problems, and will bless your life. I have seen it bless my life so much as a missionary.  When I first got out here my mission president challenged me not to just read the scriptures but to study them diligently.  I see why he has been called of God to be a mission president. So I took his advice.  At first all I did was read and summarize the chapters but after a while I started writing down what I understood from these chapters and to be honest, to this day getting up and studying and more importantly writing down what I understand and what I have gained from reading the scriptures is the best part of it. So I just would encourage you all to do the same.  Hasta luego. 

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