Monday, August 18, 2014

Simeon's Sunday Blessings

Simeon with Elder Steffon Stewart, also from Guyana
So this week was okay.  We got to go to the temple again, and it was amazing.  We had a good zone training there, as well. 

We had little success in finding new persons to teach and share this gospel with but when you are willing to put in the effort our Heavenly Father in turn gives us blessings. So after a few days of appointments falling through and not having any success during the week all that was left was Sunday.  I was prompted by the spirit that we should go and see all the individuals we had set up to go and see that week but who were not there. Strange, but hey, I said to my companion, "lets take the chance and do it." Guess what? It worked!  We taught our first lesson here and found two more persons to teach and get this ... one of them already has a Book of Mormon.  Now how cool is that? Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and had I not followed that prompting we would not have found them. It seems all he is saying to us is trust him and he will be our guide, and to be honest, he is the best guide there is.  We should all follow him.  
My peeps, with twice as many senior couples!
My bro had a great week, which is awesome, and to every young man or woman preparing to serve I urge you to heed the counsel given to President Hinckley from his father "forget yourself and go to work."  When we start doing that we will see the blessings, not only in the lives of those we serve but in the lives of our families, as well. We are promised so many blessings if we do this and share the gospel, as well.  If you really and truly love your families and your friends then you would give them the opportunity to accept this wonderful gospel. The Savior said, "be not afraid" so replace your fear with faith.  Be faithful ... not faithless and he will always be there to help you. 

Anyway, a little quote I tell myself everyday is to "never stop chasing my dream" and I would like to encourage you to do the same.  Do not stop until they are all brought back into our Heavenly Father's presence.  He is and will be there to help us all. See scripture Omni 1:25-26.   

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