Monday, August 4, 2014

Simeon's Transferred

My new district in Smyrna, Georgia
Oh boy, well this is not going to be easy. I not only got whitewashed (it means getting put into an area with another companion who has never been there, oh and Elder Barraclough is from Kentucky), but my companion and I also opened a new area.  Phew, talk about tough.  We had a hard few days out here because it's mostly Spanish and, of course, I do not speak the language. But enough complaining. It's time to get to work this week full throttle and shoulder to the wheel. I have no other choice, and honestly I want no other.  Yes, it is tough but it is not impossible "for with God all things are possible all things."  I found out I may not get the opportunity to baptize those I taught in my last area, but it's OK because first, we must plant the seed so others can reap it.  As long as they are baptized and enter into this wonderful covenant with our Heavenly Father and receive that sacred opportunity to enter into the Celestial Kingdom of God, all is well ... all is well.  I do not have a lot to say but this much I do have to say, as we put the effort in to bring others unto Christ we will be rewarded in due time.  We must all help save our brother or sister to give them the wonderful opportunity to be with us in Eternity.  

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