Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Selwin's Big Surprise

Me with Sister Laura Evans
Well, this week, I'm happy to report, was the best one we have had, so far, in this transfer. Wow, time sure is flying these days!  We helped someone move for part of yesterday, which wasn't easy, but, I got a chance to exercise my muscles so it was good.  This week as we were out tracting a street by the name of Leo.  We weren't having any success at all but we kept at it.  We knocked on the door of one of the houses and a lady stepped outside.  We introduced ourselves and she told us her name was Laura Evans and she would be willing to listen to us.  We asked her some questions and she was giving us some really good answers but after asking her the third question, we got the shock of our lives when she said, "yes, and I'm a Mormon."  We were speechless, then both me and my companion were like “really?”  She said, “yes” so I asked "are you just playing with us because we are Mormons or something of the sort?"  She replied, "nope, I"m a Mormon and have been for over twenty years.”

It took us some time before we caught ourselves again but, me and my companion both agreed she got us.  She made my day though. She was actually at work and saw us coming so she said she decided to just test us to see what we had.  It was good.  As we continued tracting down the same street, we were nearing the end of it when we saw a car back up out of the drive way and then heard someone say, "Don't open the door" to the person who was there. This statement just made me laugh.  Yes, I was sad they would miss the opportunity to hear this wonderful gospel but at the same time I don't think the person realized how loud they said it.

One thing I've come to appreciate is the trials I'm facing and overcoming, I look at the example of Nephi at the very beginning of the Book of Mormon in the very first chapter, verses 1 and 20. I know no matter what we face in this life God is there with us and he will help us and strengthen us so we can overcome those trials and all he asks of us is to have faith in him.  Yes, that is all he asks.

Okay I guess that's all that I have for this week.  Love you people!  Stay strong, and like my bro says, “lets keep moving onward.”

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