Monday, August 3, 2015

Simeon and the Bible Bash

Wishing our Mission President a Happy Birthday!
Alright, so this week we were able to go to the Temple again. I enjoyed it to the max.  What an opportunity it is to go to the temple and to do the work of one of our brothers and sisters, truly it is. 

During the Zone Training Meeting I was asked to conduct and so I was up and about as I addressed two zones and helped them feel the Holy Spirit. I enjoyed doing that which is strange, so, hey, I will not complain. We focused a lot on using the Book of Mormon more and the missionaries were truly catching the vision. It was really nice to see.  We talked a lot about serving others, including our fellow Elders and Sisters who at times need as much support as those we teach.

Preparing for a baptism
Later in the week we found ourselves in a Bible bash. From experience, I have learned to keep quiet and stay clam, but one of my companions was getting pretty fired up.  It was crazy and to calm him down I simply touched him on the back and said “Elder.”  It is supposed the persons we went to see had called their pastor who, without a doubt, had an agenda.  I sensed it coming so I was not looking forward to it, at all.  The sad part is he had his children there to view all of this.  The thing is, they believed us and not their dad or their pastor because the spirit of the Lord was still trying to be there, which is a good thing.  After that whole confusion, I came home and said a prayer to be comforted and to comfort the very people who had bashed us.  As always, the Lord was right there telling me everything will be fine, so out we went again.  The rains came down but onward we went, soaked and all.  Yes indeed, this is missionary work and I love it.

We had been trying to contact this young man for weeks and finally during one of our shelter breaks, as the rains came down, I was prompted that we needed to go and see him, despite all the rain. When the rain stopped for about 5 minutes I asked my companion, “so, what should we do?”  He replied, “lets go see Samuel.” (the young man's name).  He was finally at home so I was super excited.  It doesn't matter how much we go through … what matters is we come through it with the Savior right by our side. It is just wonderful to see the Lord's hand in everything we do.

These are the best stories to tell because they show the Lord does answers our prayers as in Alma chapter 34:18-27 where it talks about praying to the Lord always and everywhere which brings me a sense of relief to know He will always be there no matter what.  Keep praying and keep exercising faith. The Lord will hear and he will answer.

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