Saturday, August 15, 2015

Simeon and the Power of Love

Selfies with Elders Hope and Snedeker on exchanges
Alright! So the transfer is over and I have found out I will be staying here in Decatur but I will be losing both of my companions which I will say I did not see coming! Yeah, it's just one of those times.  This transfer has been a seven-week transfer so to have both my companions leave is tough. I will be getting a new missionary, I am told so it's back to the grindstone. No sitting down which is just how I love it. 

A cool way of teaching about the Book of Mormon
using paper and scissors
This week was a good one, I will say, though we ended up in some very strange situations. One, for example, was when we went finding in an apartment complex.  Boy, I could smell the language barrier from miles away but we still went in.  We found a few persons who spoke English and I should mention me and my two companions all felt the Holy Spirit prompting us to go finding there. Then upon our return to see one of these persons, we entered their home and found out they are from Burma. I don't know much about their culture but I was shocked at their wallpaper which was pictures of naked babies plastered on their walls!  That was very creepy and so we could not wait to get out of there. Then on Sunday we bumped into them again and the gentleman was like, “please, come in.”  We told him “no, but would you like to come to a member's home for a lesson.”  He was disappointed but he said “yes” and so we are safe. I also taught a guy from Bhutan this week.  He is a Roman Catholic but very open to learn. He was so amazed at what we taught him he stopped us and asked, “where has all of this been? This is wonderful.  Tell me more.” He even accepted the Book of Mormon with open arms.  It was awesome. Ahh, if only everyone could be like that I would be super happy.  Of course, we all have our choices.  

I was studying this week and thought a lot about the pioneers and how they sacrificed so much … not only for themselves and their children but for us as well. I pray we remember those precious souls of our brothers and sisters and that we remember what they did that we and all might be saved. Onward Christian Soldiers!  

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