Monday, August 17, 2015

Simeon Loses Two ... Gains Two

Me with my new companions:  Elder Baker from Idaho
and Elder Miller from Nevada
This week I welcomed two new companions as my last two were transferred to other areas.  Phew, it has been quite a busy past few days but also a very blessed few days.  After getting settled in I took my new companions to church.  The most amazing thing happened as we were waiting for church to begin.  My phone rang and when I answered it, on the other line was a gentleman named Muka.  We had invited him to church since the week before but he did not show up.  However to our surprise Muka was standing outside the church and boy that made my day.  He came in and in every class he called me his friend. It was really awesome.  While we were in Elders Quorum he was introducing himself and started to look for me but couldn't find me.  So I said, “I am right here, Muka” so he told everyone, "this my friend invited me to church" then he gave me a pat on the back.  He is from Burma and is pretty cool. Later in the day after missing all of the food at a “linger longer” we went to teach a woman we met during the week.  Instead we got to meet with her and her daughter who had never heard of the Book of Mormon before.  We explained what it is and why God gave it to us.  She was really excited then went on to describe what type of church she would like to attend.   The church she described is our church to the exact tee.

The next miracle happened just as we were leaving.  We walked down the steps that led to the previous place where we had been and there sat a lady smoking and drinking. In respect for her we said hello and as we were walking away I heard her say, “excuse me, excuse me.”  I looked back to see it was the very same lady calling out to us.  She said, “young man, can you please say a prayer with me? I am going through a lot. My mother just passed away so I am breaking down outside so my children will not see me.”  I had so much Love for this daughter of God and though I had only just met her I felt God's love for her.  We said a prayer with her and told her how she can be with her mother forever. After our short discussion she said,  “I honestly did not know you were up there but when you guys passed me I felt the presence of angels walking by so I had to say something. I had to open my mouth and speak. I am so glad you said this prayer with me.  Oh, how my joy was full to running over to hear that and to know the Lord loves this woman so much He prompted me to go to our appointment way earlier than we had planned.  I have not even told my companions this as yet but we were so early we were blessed to catch the daughter of the woman who did not know about the Book of Mormon and a woman who needed a prayer from the angels of the Lord. I testify there are no coincidences with the Lord's timing. I am grateful to always just follow those promptings I receive despite not knowing before hand what would happen.

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