Monday, August 31, 2015

Simeon Says

District meeting
I got up one morning this week and went outside only to find the air was cold!  I don't know who is praying for the cold and not the beautiful sunshine and heat but I really think they should stop because when it gets too cold Elder Lovell gets worried! But this week has been wonderful. We got drenched a little but that was okay for there is no missionary work without the rain.  So we were up and about refusing to give in to the adversary and, of course, we never will.

This week as I went out with a young man to teach an investigator we both saw how this investigator glowed with the Light of Christ. We both felt the Holy Spirit as we taught him and helped him to remember what we had taught him.  It was so awesome and as we were walking back to the young man's home he said, "Elder Lovell, you are the best and coolest missionary I know because every time you teach and bear your testimony I can always feel the Holy Spirit and I know you love those you teach."  To this I simply responded I give all the credit to the Lord. I also thanked him for always being willing to come out with us even on short notice.  I felt prompted to tell him because of him coming out with us he will have a more rewarding mission and will learn a lot but also help others a lot as well.
A rousing game of basketball on P-day

We were blessed with rain on Sunday though the wet weather kept a few persons we are teaching away from church but that is okay.  We will get them this week because we will not give up.  Also during my studies lately I have noticed how much more I have been able to pick out things I have never noticed before and it gives me great joy to know no matter how many times I read the Book of Mormon I am always edified and filled.  Hey, that is a wonderful feeling.  As I read Alma 60:36 I was touched by Moroni's plea to help others and forget about himself which really helped me remember the advice President Hinckley got from his dad, "Forget yourself and go to work."  So that is what I will go and do.

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