Monday, August 24, 2015

Simeon is Teaching Like Crazy

Simeon in an investigator's toy room
Well, this week has been a good week. It has been good, for one because of the many blessings which came our way.  Despite the challenges, with the Lord's help we were able to continue to see His hand in everything we did. We started off the week teaching people like crazy.  They were those we found the previous week so we were in high spirits but halfway through we saw how the adversary got into the hearts and minds of people.  We had shared the message of the Restoration with this wonderful family.  They had accepted a baptism date and we all felt the Holy Spirit in that lesson. I mean it - the feeling and presence of the Holy Spirit was wonderful so we went back on Saturday to introduce them to the member who would bring them to church.  But they totally just down right said, “no, thanks.  We’ve changed our minds.”  My companion asked the, “do you believe the things we taught you are true and that the feeling you felt was the Holy Spirit testifying of the truthfulness of the things we shared?” They could not answer, so with much sorrow we left. I remembered the words of the prophet Alma in Alma 32:28.  I pray with all the love I can that they do not cast the seed out but keep it, nourish it and let it grow.

The wonderful opportunity came for me to go to the temple to see a couple be sealed. I had come to know them in one of my previous wards.  The spirit in the temple that day was incredible. I was pretty sure I would explode sooner or later but luckily I did not (so, hurrah). I truly got to see that seeing everyone in white three times made all the difference because this is how our Heavenly Father sees each and every single one of us.  Then on Sunday we had "my friend" show up for church again.  He loved it despite being a little tired and he said next week “I will bring my family” and I was like, “YES!” Oh, what wonderful joy the gospel brings, not only to those who receive it but to those who teach it, as well.

I did however, forget my Book of Mormon on top of the car again. This time the rains came down with a fury and so I was inside the car looking for it, then the Holy Spirit kicked it and said, “you left me on the roof.”  When I found it, it was still is in good condition, and in fact, the rain hardly touched the pages which just goes to sow the truth inside this wonderful book is pure indeed.

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