Monday, June 22, 2015

Three Musketeers Live On

Me and the bear
Well, there is no surprise. I will be staying here in the Twin Oaks Ward for another transfer. Me and my companions will remain together so the three musketeers live on ... "All for One and One for All.

This week was really good.  We had Stake Conference and were able to hear from Elder Arnold of the Seventy so that was really wonderful. I learned an important lesson on how we sometimes do not recognize all the blessings the Lord gives to us in our lives - especially the small ones.  It was really interesting to hear as we live the way the Lord needs us to live He blesses us always because he is a God who keeps His promises. Let's be honest here, sometimes we do forget to count our blessings, which indeed are always many!  I have come to the conclusion our Heavenly Father is always waiting to bless us as soon as we obey and keep His commandments.  Even if some of those blessings take a while to come we will always receive them in His time.

A cool deco art piece on the side of a building in Decatur.
On Saturday, we were walking home from a member's house and we passed a homeless woman on the street. I looked at her and she was eating something. I thought, "well, that's good!  She has something to eat" then I saw what she was eating and it was mustard.  Yes, just mustard!

We sometimes complain about how things are not going our way.  There has been a few times on my mission where I have shed tears and this was one of them. It draws me back to a poem I once wrote called "A Beggars Prayer" which relates to people who do not have sufficient but who have enough and who cares for the welfare and being of others who are not where they are.

So my simple cry to everyone is to remember to count your blessings one-by-one and truly see what the Lord has done.  During a previous study I came across this quote by Elder Russell M. Nelson: 

"Our highest sense of sacrifice is achieved as we make ourselves more sacred and holy. This we do by our obedience to the commandments of God."

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