Monday, June 29, 2015

Simeon is Frightened ... A Little

Everyone, except the elder stooping down, stayed the same this transfer.
Well, I will be totally honest.  My first transfer as a Zone Leader is over and, boy, I was tired to the max but I knew there was no way I was doing it alone! This week has been an interesting one. 

We had a heat wave and everyone went crazy, exclaiming, “it's too hot” but then I remember where I am from and that I needed to show love to those who are not accustomed to the heat, like I am. To top that off we will be welcoming our new mission president.  President Foote is going to be here to give the boot to the adversary. I like him already and I have not even met him.  Yes, the Lord knows his servants well.

A beautiful Decatur sunset!
We had a rainy week as well here so it has been something else and then we got caught up one day in a very weird situation.  This is how it went down. We were out looking for this investigator the sister missionaries referred to us.  Unknown to us, the address was not correct and we spent half-an-hour trying to find the investigator.  Eventually I made up my mind to knock the closest apartment door to the address they gave us. Upon doing so, a gentleman approached us with a Bible in hand and asked who we were. When we told him, he got excited and said, “please come into my apartment.  We are having a prayer session.”  We then were ushered into the apartment which was only lit by one small light coming from the kitchen (yep, talk about scary) where there were about five persons in the room. The guy who let us in just stood by the door as if guarding it and then someone started to pray in a super strange language.  Then the other guys started to shout “amen” and “praise the Lord” in their own language.  It was at this point I saw one of my companions look at me with the look of confusion and amazement (poor lad).  Then they asked us to pray, so I did and then we got out of there in quick time.  By that time we had figured out they were all from Ethiopia and the language they were speaking was a tribal one, but they believed in Jesus Christ and so as you can guess, we are going back!

Hey, I always remember the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone and though one of my companions thought they were not so good they turned out to be. It helps you to see how the Lord is preparing His children to receive this gospel from all walks of life and that I will gladly share.  As always I encourage all who know that it is true to do the same. 

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