Sunday, June 14, 2015

Simeon Still on Task

The Musketeers:  Elder Nelson, Elder Snedaker and me
So it's always a little strange to be in a three-o as missionaries but it is also fun, especially when it comes to doing the Lord's work. Such was the case this week as we went out to do exactly that! We had a tough week of getting people to keep their appointments and many did not come to church. That’s not unusual but still when one exercises faith things happen but in the Lord's time. We got the surprise of our young missionary lives though when a part-member family we are teaching went up to bear their testimonies and then told the entire congregation they were getting married this Saturday! Yes, talk about exercising your fai  Hey, even I did not see that one coming so I was like, “whoa, way to go, way to go.”

This fast Sunday I took a different approach to how I would normally fast. Instead of fasting for myself I decided to fast for others and I will testify I felt better than I ever did before when I ended my fast. I felt physically as well as spiritually strengthened.  Yes, the joy, which comes from serving others, is wonderful and we were actually able to teach the part-member family a lesson after church. They felt the Holy Spirit big time.

After a long day of work, Elder Snedaker needed a nap.
Guess I just work them too hard!
It has been awhile since I have shared that story of me stopping my Book of Mormon reading when I had only one page to go. To be honest it taught me a very valuable lesson. I will echo the words of my brother and invite all to continue to read it and truly ask yourselves, “am I getting closer to God and My Savior each time I do?” I promise your answer will always be YES!

So that brings me back to why we fast and pay fast offering in the first place. President Eyring has taught, "When we pay our fast offering we help to succor our Heavenly Father's children and when we do, though we may be far away from those who need help, we are close to the Lord.” I testify this is true for when we help others we are helping the Lord so keep reading, keep praying and keep doing the things necessary to get you nearer to God, then you will be able to help someone else do the same. He is ready and waiting to help you and those you bring or carry with you of that I know to be true.

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