Sunday, June 14, 2015

Selwin's Really Cooking!

We're cooking with 94-year-old Sister Waunita Tally
It's another beautiful day here in Picayune, Mississippi. It's not raining so we get to go outside. 

My companion and I were talking earlier this week about how fast this transfer has gone by because we are already at the end of it. (Alright, whose big idea was it to visit the time keeper?).  

Anyway, this week has been a bit crazy and good at the same time.  We found a few persons who were interested so that's a big plus for us. It was a lot of work but it paid off.  We just kept going! Despite the beads of perspiration rolling down our faces, our wet shirts and trousers, we just kept going. Tired legs because of having to ride miles … no problem, we just kept going.  We couldn't afford any let ups with traffic on our heels and our teaching pool dwindling. Oh, boy, were we determined!

On exchanges with Elder Nelson
During my personal study this week my mind was opened to the realization of how desirous the prophet Nephi was in his quest to serve the Lord. How he was willing to go to the full extent to do all the Lord had asked of him. And this was the case even more so with his elder brothers, despite knowing their downfall was imminent, he still did all he could to get them to follow the commandments of the Lord. Why? Because his will was aligned with the will of our Father in Heaven!  Many times in our lifetime we tend to just let others do as they please because we feel there is no hope for them.  We consider them a lost cause, so we give up on them.  When we feel that way about another person, we should ask ourselves, what if the Savior had told the Father we were a lost cause and that there was no point in sacrificing Himself for us?  Well, then we certainly would have been a lost cause, but because He knew what He was doing was necessary and because His will was aligned with His Father in Heaven’s desire for us, none of us are a lost cause. If we could align our will with that of the Father's we will come to know and see everyone around us just as He does and He sees us all as His children. Regardless of who they are and what they've done - like Nephi of old - we have been given a responsibility to be there for them, to encourage them and to lift them when they need lifting.  Then will we know our will is aligned with our Father in Heaven’s will for his chidren.  We have been given a great privilege and responsibility.  Let us live up to it, for what we have been given is priceless and because it is priceless, it should be shared with everyone, for such is the case with Heavenly Gifts - from the gift of the Savior’s birth all the way down to the restoration of His gospel.

In 3 Nephi 27:27, Christ taught, "And know ye that ye shall be judges of this people, according to the judgment which I shall give unto you, which shall be just. Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am."

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