Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Simeon is Still Learning ... and Teaching

Me with the Thompsons
Well, to be honest Twin Land was what I thought about when I was transferred to my new area which as it turns out is right next to an area I served in two transfers ago! Yeah, the Lord's work goes on and I am very blessed to be called to share this message to those in my new area. We got to work as soon as we got home and sometimes we even forget to plan in lunch or dinner (not joking) which is tough but most of the time we remember and grab something on the go. So I will survive.

Me with my new companion, Elder Nelson
We are teaching some really cool investigators who have the desire to come closer to the Lord which is always a plus here in the Lord's vineyard. In my first lesson, as I had just finished bearing my testimony, the investigator looked at me and said, “that was so powerful. I felt it and everything just felt right. I want you to come back to my house!” I was like, whoa, I did not see that coming but the Lord certainly did and during the remainder of the week we had some very spiritual lessons with other investigators. Weird, but I noticed I was asking a lot more inspired questions than I normally do which builds my own testimony I must be doing something right. Either that or the Lord is reminding me to listen with my spiritual ears and not just my physical ones. But, I will take both of those any day.

We got drenched a few times as the heavens opened up and the rains came. I even had a race in the rain with a bunch of children. I gave them the advantage before blazing away and leaving them in the dust though I gave them the victory. They deserved it because they tried, but that race taught me a lesson. We are out here to bring the Gospel to all the world that all may know it and know it to be true. We are also called to bring the world out of darkness and into the light. For Just as my brother said, “If we do not do it then who will?” We are all called to serve the Lord tag or no tag and as such we should do so boldly, nobly and independently, until the great Jehovah says the work is done. We shall carry on and go forth, for the Lord will guide us safely to do so. Let us be as Ammon and his brethren and share the Gospel to all so they too, just as we have, may be able to receive the covenant blessings of the Lord is my humble prayer.

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