Monday, April 27, 2015

Simeon's Good Week

Elders in matching ties
Alright, so this week has been really interesting and I am being honest when I say that! We had a new ward added to the Stake in which I am serving and, boy, it took a huge chunk out of our area and so we are waiting to hear news from our mission president on what is going on. We had (2) investigators come to church this Sunday, as well.  I mention them because it is really marvelous to see the dedication of these two daughters of our Heavenly Father and all that they are willing to sacrifice to live his gospel.  We have only ever invited them to come to church and they have done so on their own. It really is something special to see, for this week we were not able to meet with one of them but when we showed up at her home she was all ready to come to church.  My companion and I were blown away. It was just awesome! The other showed up with her 2-year-old daughter all set and ready for Sacrament meeting, and though she had to leave a bit early, it was awesome to see her there as well.

Knock, knock ... anyone home in there?
We have a message to share.
This week it was tough to find anyone, but, hey, as the story goes, we press on and keep going forward. I cannot keep complaining. Instead I will look at the here and now and do my very best to make it better. We were able to go to the temple this past week and as always it was truly amazing.  Words cannot describe and I go back to thinking because one young man had a question all this is now possible. I sometimes cannot wrap my head around it all at once but it works out really well, and as the Savior would say, “come follow me.”  That is all I will say for we each have a part to play in this wonderful plan of His.  So, when the coach decides to pass you the ball, my prayer is you catch it and score, for what purpose is it to just catch it and not score?  It is the end goal, the number one objective and I urge us all to stay focused on it.  When the time comes, pass the ball along to someone else so they can shoot and score as well for it is a team effort.  If we all say we love this gospel so much then we will all share it just as much. I know we will be able to do so for we are not doing it alone. I testify we are the ones needed in the Lord's plan to help others as well as ourselves come closer to Jesus Christ, so stand up and be Anxiously Engaged in this work for he needs us just as much we need him. 

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