Monday, February 2, 2015

Selwin's Week of Unfortunate Events

Out tracting
Well, I'm officially dubbing this week "The Week of Unfortunate Events" because it was filled with so much drama.

It all started on Monday evening when our Zone Leaders got into a car accident (not to worry, no one was injured too badly). This was after they began calling us in the middle of an appointment to tell us they got into a wreck.  With the fourth call, I knew something had to be wrong so we had to run out and leave our appointment. They were very understanding so we just rescheduled for another day and time.

Then after all that drama was over I took my camera out to look at a few pictures we had taken and it would not come on at all, so now I'm without a camera.  Then we spent the rest of the week just driving from clinics to family doctors trying to find one who could x-ray one of the zone leaders arm because it would be way cheaper than going to the ER.  It all turned into dead ends and eventually we had to go to the ER anyway.

I guess this was just one of those times when one’s patience is tried just to see how well one can endure.  Despite not being able to do a lot of work, missionary wise, I guess the lesson of patience was still learned. Most times things don't ever happen the way we want them to or at the time we want them to but I always say, the Lord knows best and His time is better than mine.

And then that really awesome scripture in Mosiah 4:9 comes to mind which reads:

"Believe in God: believe that he is and that He created all things both in Heaven and in earth: believe that He has all wisdom and all power both in Heaven and in earth: believe that man doth not comprehend all things which the Lord can comprehend.”

In every situation there is something to be learned but all-in-all we just have to leave it to God and He will help us through whatever it is we are facing.

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