Monday, February 9, 2015

Simeon's Awesome, Amazing and Wonderful Week

Baptizing the whole family (except Mom who will be baptized soon)
Well, this week we did it all and all with the Lord's help!  We started out this week by moving into a new apartment, which at one point had Spanish missionaries and, boy, does it need a complete clean-out. Then we had to get accustomed to the new area. Though we tried our best it seems no one really wanted to listen to what we had to say so we walked away a little disappointed but knowing this week we will work even harder because we had to plan for a Baptism!  

It was awesome, amazing and wonderful and to make it fun we even got into a little trouble with the Bishop.  Not intentionally though so we got off sort of lightly.  It was really wonderful to see this family of five(5) being baptized and it took me back to the first day I talked to them. I had a different companion then but from then onward we saw their progress.  It has been wonderful and to see them all dressed in white was even better. I was privileged to perform two(2) of those ordinances and It was wonderful knowing I was there to help them open the gate to eternal life in the Celestial Kingdom of God.  It will always be a feeling I will hold dear forever. I still have that same feeling … one I cannot describe but I know what it is.  I pray to always have that same feeling with me. The thing that made my heart over flow with joy was when Luisa, who is eleven-years-old walked up to me and told me in my ear "thank you for baptizing me." I stood there with tears in my eyes but as a true Lovell, I did not cry.  Instead I said, "No, thank you for choosing me." I also baptized her brother Fernando(18) who is deaf. 

I testify it truly does not matter how many people you baptize on your mission.  What matters is you remember how much each baptism means to them and God.  Then you will see how much more it means to you.  I know the Lord led me to this wonderful family.  He had to push me a few times but I am so glad he did. I testify "our decision to serve or not to serve truly does affect the salvation of those who need us." and in going with Nephi's words in 1 Nephi 3:7 "i will go and do what the Lord has commanded me for I know … yes, I know … the Lord truly gives no commandment unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way for us that we may accomplish the things which he had commanded us."

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