Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Selwin Says ...

Selwin with Elders Hatch, Jarret and Cohnte.
This week there was a new stake presidency called in the Gulfport stake so we had two general authorities here.  Elder Michael John U. Teh and Elder Rulon D. Munns of the Seventy stressed the importance of Ward Councils and Hastening the Work.  It was so awesome listening to these servants of the Lord.

The new year is finding us doing a lot of finding.  We are heading out more and more to find those who are ready to hear the gospel. In stake conference they focused alot on ward councils and how to use those same principles in our family councils. On Sunday, Elder Teh focused on the light we have and how it chases away darkness and how darkness cannot chase away light.  He mentioned how the temples are an example of this and encouraged us to go as often as we can. Elder Munns focused on the exact same principles but used more of a family oriented theme.  They were both awesome speeches. I found instead of writing down notes I just listened and the message was still received.

We had exchanges with the AP’s this week as well.  Talk about a long drive to get there and then to return. Exchanges were awesome but I was happy to get back to my area because time is precious and cannot be wasted. As I was reading in the Book of Alma, chapter 54 it really struck me of how much it meant to maintain their religion and also the cause of their God.  It inspires me to up my dedication level even more … not just to those I serve but most importantly to God.

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