Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Selwin Is Ready for Christmas

Our tree ... took us 4 days to decorate
The week ... where exactly did it go? Cause I sure don't know. With all the hustle and bustle going on with Christmas it seems people are just bouncing from one place to the next and never have time, which is weird because who doesn't have time for Jesus?

I found, for some reason this week, every time we went home for lunch I just fell asleep, which is strange really strange and then when I woke up it's like I was in a whole new world. But we at least taught one really nice lady yesterday who actually has family who are members of the church.  She was the only one who let us in and she was really nice so yeah we are going back again. One dude said him and his family and their home was Jesus filled but he wouldn't even accept a "He Is The Gift" card when we offered it to him, which was funny.

So as I read Alma 27 during this past week which is where Ammon boast in God and all He had done for him and all the joy he had because of everything the Lord had done for him. I pondered over all that. I talked about and thought how can I attain that joy, or in other words, how do I get to the point of being filled with so much joy it will eventually overcome me? That is when I realized, hey, I'm already on the path to getting there and I gain even more joy when I see the people we are teaching be baptized and start to follow the Lord.

As with everything else in this life it is those small and simple things which cause us to rejoice.  As we get closer to Christmas I urge you all to think of those things that bring you joy and keep it in your hearts and mind, not just for that day, but for everyday. Jesus Christ is the reason for the season and if He were here He would tell you to go and share that joy with those around you so that's my challenge to you all this week!

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