Monday, November 17, 2014

Simeon is Not Weary in Well Doing

I told Sister Sappington I would never wear this scarf,
but its cold outside!  You were right, Sister S ...
anything to stay warm!
This week I was tired so many times I cannot even count how many on my fingers. Strange though, even though I was super tired I just did not want to stop. I know because I really did not need to. This week we found out Elder Kopischke of the Seventy is coming to our mission and that I guess blew the tiredness away. We worked hard this week and yesterday, even though no investigator we are teaching showed up to church, we were fasting and praying as a companionship to see blessings and miracles in the coming week. Yesterday we were on the go as soon as we were out of church. We saw those miracles and blessings start to happen and this week we will work even harder to see even more.  Yes, I will probably be tired but I also know my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ will be there to give me a helping hand.  They will give me the strength I need to carry on and keep pressing onward and they will help me to make my weaknesses into strengths.  

We are called to do a needed work. I know our Savior Jesus Christ is at the head of this work and with Him we will accomplish all things righteous and pure.  As we all work together we can and will do that. "Come follow me, the Savior said" so shall we not so we can bless the lives of those who do not know to follow Him, as well as our own?  Remember the scripture In 3 Nephi 5:13:  “Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.” We are all disciples of Christ and we are all his children.  I commit to keep working hard no matter how tired I get for I know He will always be there to give me a helping hand and to give a helping hand to you as well.

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