Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Real Men Love Jesus ... and So Does Selwin

This week kind of felt like it dragged a bit, to be honest - probably because we didn't have much success when it came to finding and teaching new people about the gospel, but it's all good.

But things have been going well except this weather.  This week, up until Friday, it was some really awesome weather and then the cold came again.  I mean ... lets make up our minds already - either hot or cold!!! To be honest this weather is kind of a reminder to me how we need to exercise patience in everything we do and to remember the Lord's time is very different from ours.

While doing my personal study this week I came across a scripture in Mosiah 23:21 which is a good reminder:  "Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten His people; yea, He trieth their patience and their faith."

A lot of times we tend to wonder why God lets us face so many challenges but the reason is clear as the scripture indicates.  Other times we pray to God and expect Him to answer us right away. I'm guilty of that a lot of times. But after reading this scripture my mind was opened a bit more and once again I am reminded God's time is the best time.

PS: Oh, and guess what? I finally made contact with the missionary who baptized me almost nine years ago Yipeeeeee!  His name is Anthony Torres and, yep, he's one cool dude!

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