Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Selwin's First Baptism

Shirley Duncan before her baptism.
Alright, my people, I'm not laughing. I need to know, who has been playing with the thermostat?  Okay, maybe I am laughing, but, I'm still extremely serious. Alright I'm not, but this place has gotten really, really, really cold! (note how many times I stressed the word really), but I am doing great.

So I've got some news for you ... we got a BAPTISM!!!!!!  On Saturday, November 15 we baptized Shirley Duncan. Actually, I didn't do the baptism but I did do the confirmation and it was truly miraculous.

So on Sunday, when it was time to do the confirmation it started really well, as with most of confirmations, until it got to the part of giving the blessing.  My mouth was open but the words did not come out, the others hands became extremely heavy, the congregation was noisy and then my leg started shaking.  Can you blame me? I had never done anything like this in my life before, but as all this is happening I felt a calmness over come me.

My legs stopped shaking, the other hands got extremely light and then almost at the exact time the congregation went silent and I mean "drop dead quiet", and then I heard the words which were to be pronounced on this wonderful daughter of God. Truly the Lord keeps his promises to those who are faithful and strive to do His will while bringing to pass the scripture from Doctrine and Covenants 84: 85. So don't worry when the words don't come sometimes. We just have to be patient and listen. It's a challenge but we can all accomplish it. The blessings of God are opened to all, so why not share them?  So now you know what you have to do this week? That's right, share those blessings. 

By the way, I'm getting a new companion this transfer.

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