Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Simeon Has His Travel Itinerary

Look who's coming home?
Elder Keller walked away in disgust, but he still loves me
This week I got sick, went to the temple, got over coming home and got my flight itinerary!!! Yeah, St. George, here I come and, hey, it's about time.  Of course you will still have to wait about three weeks and leave the big party for Sel.  He loves that. I am just simple Sim.

This week I got a super bad headache.  The mission nurse said, “Elder Lovell, I love you too much to hear you are not feeling well.  I look up to you so do what I say and get better!”  She was very serious when she said the last part but I knew she meant business, so I said “yes” quite a few times.  She ended by saying, “I love you” about three or four times.  Strange, I never really knew what kind of impact I have or had on people. I’ve just tried my hardest to love everyone the way the Lord loves me. Anyway, I do feel better now, Sister Sappington, so that will make you very happy, as well.

This week I was able to do the temple work for my Uncle who passed away since Sel and I have been out on our mission. It was wonderful and my joy was full to know, after almost 2 years of him passing I was able to do so. I pray he accepts it and with that went everything else about coming home so I was pretty excited.

My travel itinerary
Then on Thursday I opened my mail box and boom there it was and I knew what it was, too. I ran around our apartment with Elder Keller looking at me like I was crazy. After a composed moment, I said, “so, Elder … shall we plan?”  Yep, good times.

This week we tried our best to help many of those we are teaching move along, but it's tough sometimes. There is not much you can do but your best, as gran would normally say, "Do your BEST and God will do the REST.” I wish everyone would just realize I will do my best. 

As I was studying this week I came across a true fact as I thought upon my mission and this is what I came up with. "I do not strive to be the greatest missionary. Yes, I work hard and do my best, but my goal is not statistics but the joy of bringing some souls unto Christ to receive Salvation and me receiving Salvation with them." It made me think back to, not just my purpose as a missionary, but my purpose as a disciple of Jesus Christ, as I so say I am throughout life. it has helped me to see we must never stop helping others “come unto Him” and be perfected in Him but we should strive to do so, for if we say we have the pearl of great price then why not share with your friend where you found it and how he or she can have it, too!  So I will willingly do and I pray you will do so with me!

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