Monday, February 29, 2016

Simeon's Pretty Good Week

Me on Waterboy Street
This week was pretty good!  We got out doing the things I love to do best and that is to teach people! We went out despite rain storms and everything - ahhhh, yes, good times indeed.  This week I was able to attend the baptism of Muka's sister-in-law who actually was the first person we found and talked to in their family,  It's funny because she was the last one baptized but hey all in the Lord's timing, not ours. It was wonderful to see and brought me so much joy. We were also able to teach a lot of members this week as we continue to strive to build their faith and trust in us. We are finally getting somewhere so that's a plus. The lesson we shared was quite simply a poem. It was amazing to feel the Holy Spirit in their homes as we shared this poem.  In one instance we got to a family's home very late due to the time we took to travel from one point to another and the dad said, "we were getting ready for bed."  We kind of pleaded and apologized all at the same time and he finally said, "alright, come in."  We got in there and let's just say the Holy Spirit took charge because when we left they were all in a happier mood and feeling the Holy Spirit so strong we knew we were going to be invited back the next time. So said, so done! So if the missionaries are late you should give them a chance because you never know if what they have to share will bless you in that very moment you don't think you need it.  But all went well and we barely made it on miles with all the travels we did for the week, so phew. 

A cool painting in Fairborn, Georgia
During my studies this week I came across a lovely little quote my companion's dad sent to me. It makes a lot of sense to me so I hope it does to you also. "Where there is hatred, let me show Love; where there is injury. Pardon; where there is doubt, Faith;  where there is despair, Hope. Where there is darkness, Light; where there is sadness, Joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to Console; to be understood as to Understand; to be loved as to Love; for it is in Giving that We Receive; it is in Pardoning that we are Pardoned and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life"  (St. Francis Of Assisi)

And it is all talking about charity for just as the Savior said, "unless a man has charity he cannot be saved" and these little things we do help us receive that wonderful gift of Eternal Life.

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