Monday, December 28, 2015

Selwin Has a White Boxing Day

Brother Steven and Sister Christina Cameron
This is going to be really short. The rain fell the whole week including on Christmas Day which I didn't mind because it was 80+ degrees outside.  Oh yeah, my type of weather.

We mostly just visited a lot of less actives this week and tried to spread the Christmas spirit with them. I got my companion Elder Stokes to sing a few songs with me despite my voice being out because of the cold, but he was chill with it. I think he wanted to kill me later, but it's all good. Yep, awesome companionship unity.  A few of the members in the ward even bought us a few gifts which was really nice of them. It was awesome being able to talk to you awesome people including my bro, sadly though calling home to Guyana didn't work out, but it's alright. I love this awesome time of year when we remember the birth of the Savior and to really remember why He was born. I just love the Savior and I love the opportunity we have each day to be more like Him, to take on His attributes and strive to be able to live with Him one day.

Our real Christmas tree.
During my studies this week I came across the Savior’s visit to the people here in the Americas.  It was just fascinating to read about how much it meant for these people to have a personal testimony of the Savior. It reminded me of how each and every single day we are all trying to come to know our Savior even better and how with open arms He is saying 'come and learn of Me'.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas was good but our Boxing Day (for you who know what that is) was even better. We got to see a family enter the waters of baptism together and it was just amazing because of how important this step was for them.  From here it gets even better. It was a reminder to me of when me and my brother (Simeon) got baptized!!!.  Have an awesome New Year and remember to make becoming like the Savior part of your goals for this upcoming year.

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