Monday, March 16, 2015

Simeon Reports on Finding

This week was really interesting.  We were really out and about finding all week long because that is all you can do when you have no one to teach. Preach My Gospel says you need someone to teach before you can teach! Anyway, we did a lot of finding. 

We got some of the strangest names for the Book of Mormon but my favorite was one which one old gentleman said, after we knocked on his door.  "Is that there the Book of Mormonism" … if so I ain't interested y’all."  We get that a lot.  We also had one guy bring out his Bible and paper with questions on it.  I was like, oh boy, here we go!  He started off by, of course, telling us what we believe although he has never read the Book of Mormon before so he has no idea what it is - not even a clue – but he said it contains stories – “that's all” and then he asked us, "If you only had the Bible would you still believe in God and be Christian?”  Of course, we said, “Yes” and all of this time I had just held back but I could do it no more.  I said, Sir, can I ask you a question?” When he said OK, I said, “If you only had the Book of Mormon, would you still believe in God and be a Christian?” That one got him and of course he said, “no” so I asked,  “why not since it testifies of Jesus Christ and God and The Holy Ghost.  Why would you not believe it if it was all you had?” Of course he had no answer, so I proceeded to bear him my testimony. I went for it and I know the Holy Ghost was there because my companion felt it and we know the man did as well. I literally took everything he had against us and used the scriptures from the Holy Bible to answer all of them.  He was surprised I had such a good knowledge of the Bible. I wanted to say, “you see, Sir, before I became a member of the Lord's true church the Bible is all I knew but God can do all things, so why not appear to a young man and instruct him to go and do his bidding and call him as a Prophet in these latter days just as he did in times of old.”

I testified to him there is a way one can know if the Book of Mormon is true. That is through reading, faith, real intent and, of course, prayer.  I left there knowing I had stood up for my Savior and I truly know which way I face.  That is why I am out here to help others face the same way.  That is the way towards our Savior Jesus Christ and God our Heavenly Father and of course towards eternal life. I testify God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet and to restore His church in the latter days. We have a living prophet on the earth today for the heavens are open and God still speaks to us through his prophets. I pray that we may all remember which way we do face and help others who are facing the wrong way turn and face the right way with.

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