Monday, March 23, 2015

Simeon Follows the Holy Spirit

This reminds me of Alma 5:52!
It has been another busy week here in the Sharpsburg Ward area and, like my brother was saying, time is flying by!  The week passed by with us going to a lot of meetings, me testifying to a lot of persons and me listening a lot more to the promptings of the Holy Ghost when I receive them! Yes, this week we tracted a ton and I mean a ton!!!  We went about this week with great determination to find someone … anyone the Lord needed us to find and we did so.  It was awesome!  We were out one day just doing some finding and for some reason the night before, as we were planning, I got the prompting we needed to go to a particular street. I wrote it in so when we were out on Tuesday and we were out along the exact same street knocking on doors, I suddenly felt prompted to go to this house and knock. Over my mission, so far, I have seen the importance of following and listening to what the Holy Spirit tells us. 

Without hesitation I started down the drive way with my companion in tow and when we knocked on this door out came a young woman who truly needed someone to pray with her.  We told her who we were and why we were at her door step.  She said she was looking for a church to raise her daughter in and how much she needed God and Jesus Christ back in her life. I testified to her the message we were sent by our Savior to share did just that and much more.  The funny thing was she had just finished changing diapers. I said, “hey, that's okay. I changed a bunch in my life so I know what you are going through.”  She laughed  and even opened up to us a lot more.  And, get this, she knows a member because they went to school together and she always admired her.  I was like, “oh, yes! We needed to come here.”  Then it hit me as we left how much our Heavenly Father trusts us to put those persons in our path who need his Son's Atoning sacrifice, even if they do not know it.  Trust me, He knows. 

Hey, Sis. Sappington.  Here I am holding a 50-lb. cat!!  
Can you believe it?

We also got into a bash this week but we will not go over that (we won).

This week for studies I am in Alma! I learned when the Lord gives us a commandment with a promise we should obey willingly and with love and we will be blessed as were the sons of Helaman.   So this week, my scripture and advice is DOUBT NOT, FEAR NOT and OBEY WITH EXACTNESS and I WILL DO THE SAME as it says in Alma 56:47-48:

47  Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lies; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not

doubt, God would deliver them.

48  And they rehearsed unto me the words of their mothers, saying:  We do not doubt our mothers knew it" ... AND WE KNOW IT AS WELL!!!

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