Monday, June 2, 2014

Simeon Practices Patience

This past week has been a little tough.  A lot of our appointments fell through. It just goes to show one must be patient with the Lord’s work. There has been a bright side, of course, as all weeks do. We taught a wonderful lesson to a part-member family yesterday.  The presence of the holy spirit in their home was amazing.  I honestly left that meeting so full of the spirit, I can't even explain it. Then, yep, when we had arrived at our next appointment this lady, who does not like missionaries, asked us why we were wasting our time teaching a less active sister and her un-baptized children.  She said, "I never even see you go in the house."  Truth be told, we could not go into the house because there was no other male present.  We explained to her the Lord loves his children and the less active sister and her children needed to know that. The lady finally agreed we were right, but by then the spirit was gone from me.  I honestly wanted to say, “this is the Lord's work and every single person needs, it even you.”  Of course, I did not, but still I knew by just thinking it was wrong because I would have said it out of anger.  I got home, got on my knees and did the only thing I knew would work - prayer – which worked way better than getting angry at someone.

President Thomas S. Monson said patience is a virtue we all need to practice more. He said it is a heavenly virtue and he is right, for we often forget, even though times will be hard, by being patient we must always remember the Lord is with us and we will always know what to do in hard times. I end by bearing my testimony that the heavenly virtue of patience, when put in place, does work regardless of what we are going through. Put it into practice, and I promise you will see the blessings which comes from being patient.

 Oh, and by the way, my hair is already growing back!

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