Monday, January 25, 2016

Simeon in the Snow

Bar-be-qued sausage on a cold winter day
This week was way colder than I wanted, expected and needed it to be. It even snowed! Yep, my companion got his wish, which, I guess, keeps him happy. I am good with that, though it is quite unlike the snowfall in St. George in 2013-14 and if you ever wondered who in the world prayed or even fasted for it, you should know it was us! Now, now no hard feelings. Let's admit we all loved it especially me and Sel and it made the St. George Temple the place everyone wanted to be.

Since it was really cold not a lot of people opened their doors to talk with us but those who did we are ever thankful for.  Of course you will have a few who will say, “not now, it's too cold” and I say, "wow, you are telling me, buddy? I am out in it." Those are things one just laughs about and so I did.  We walked a lot more this week also as our miles will not get renewed until the start of next month and so we will be trucking along again this week which is good because it feels good to use my legs a little bit more.

We taught a lesson to a member family this week and it was really amazing how the Holy Spirit entered into the home.  We shared a message about helping others through their tough times even when we are going through ours and she committed on the spot with tears flowing down her cheeks to do better. Now tell me, what else could have helped her see the error of her ways but the Holy Spirit and the full Restored Gospel?  It got me thinking of how much work I still have to do, not that it's easy or anything but that I need to get better on.  After the wonderful lesson the mom and dad then said looking at me "you know we also have a reputation for fattening Elders." Yep, I saw that coming but I am happy with that.  The mother is from Samoa and she knows about cricket (the game) so I am not alone. To finish up here is a poem that has helped me to realize how much our Heavenly Father loves us and needs us to know so we can help others enjoy!

Taco boats and a fruit smoothie ... 
yummy in my tummy!
I have often pondered and wondered, Why God does what he does, why he loves me, the way he does, cares for me the way he does or even sent his only begotten
from above to die for us his Daughters
And Sons?

Why do something so grand and divine
For such a filthy and unworthy creature
Such as I?
Tears fill my eyes as I see that God truly
Does love me for me!
The mistakes I’ve made, the people I’ve hurt,
The Chaos I’ve caused and all the bad choices I’ve made
Never sent him away from me, but drew him
Ever nearer and closer to me.

His words of comfort, his songs of peace; Helps me to know that though fallen I can
Rise again!
His son he sent to die for me a robber, a thief,
But never the less his son I be.
For I could never do what my brother did for me; Nails to his hands and feet, bruises upon his back, vinegar
And water he drank that my Savior he may

For he suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and bled
From every pore to take upon himself my sins, so that I may know that I can be forgiven and even
He did the will of his Father and not his own and this has provided safety for my soul.
He reminded me that with God all things are possible and that as I use his name, I can one day return safely home.

How can it be that God could send his only begotten
Son, to die for someone like me?
Who dragged his name in the mud and used it
In vain a million times for sure.

And finally today I have come to see that God is
My Father and that I am his son indeed.
For he heals me when broken, dries my tears when I am sad, picks me up when I have fallen, and encourages me to always use his beloved Son’s  Atonement, for that is truly what will make me happy and glad.

It is no wonder that the Prophet Joseph Smith said,
“What do we hear in the Gospel that we have
Truth out of the earth.
Mercy from Heaven.
A voice of gladness for the living and the dead.
Shall we not go on in so great a

Oh how I shall go on in such a cause and I hope that you will as well; to remember that there is a God in heaven, who sent his  Only begotten Son to die for all of us that we
May have joy and to save this wonderful world of ours.

Elder Lovell (2016)
“Georgia Atlanta Mission”

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