Monday, January 4, 2016

Selwin's Happy New Year

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The new year is finally here and it's just weird. I still can't believe we are in 2016. One member even said,  “I thought by 2016 we would be traveling around with jet packs and flying cars" to which I replied, "good thing we still have gravity.”

The week was a slow one, in fact, really slow. We have lost contact with most of the people we are teaching because of the holidays. It seems getting back into contact with them is impossible, but we just keep trying. We welcomed in the New Year by tracting and sadly even with a new year upon us some people are still the same. We continued and finished up the day by visiting a few members which was really nice. We are working a lot with those members who haven't been to church in a while and we must be doing something right because they keep inviting us back, which is awesome. This week we had exchanges as well and Elder Petersen came with me.  He's just super cool and I mean, of course, he is because he skate boards, but we had a blast. While out tracting we came across a 'family street' as I call it since everyone on it is related closely.  We met one gentleman who didn't know the Book of Mormon only talks about Christ. That got Elder Petersen all fired up, which was just amazing.  My favorite of the questions he asked was, "so what do you think is in this book?"  To keep things spiritual I read a scripture from the Book of Mormon accrediting our belief in the Savior and just bore my testimony.  So did Elder Petersen and it was awesome.

Retired mail carrier
During my studies this week the Savior said something which really made me go deep in thoughts.  In John 15:13, He said:  “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

This just blew my mind as it reemphasized the amount of love the Savior has for each and every single one of us.  It also made me think about a question posed by Elder James E. Talmage who said, "Who are we without Christ?"  His question sent shivers down my spine as I thought about it. So when you make your new goals or resolutions for this year don't forget to include Christ in your plans, then ask yourself, "Who am I without Christ?" I truly love my Savior and I am thankful He loves me just as much and more that He bore all things for me. He is the "AWESOMEST" person I know and I love Him.

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