Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Simeon Continues to "Feed My Sheep"

Muka and his family with Elders Baker, Miller and me
Ok, so this will be the only time I ever say anything about my time out, but it truly is worth mentioning.  Sister Sappington, sorry about last week but we ran out of time to do anything but email our mission President.  I truly apologize and I commit to do better.

The week started off with us going on exchanges with the Assistants which was the first in their 3-month promise to do so. We were really excited and all learned quite a lot from the exchange together.  We were out teaching the Burmese people because we have a lot of them here.  We do that from time-to-time and were able to see one of those persons we taught accept a baptism date. It was awesome!  Later in the evening, we picked up an investigator and a member for Bible Study.  She was bearing her testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it cleanses her heart when she reads it.  She told us it seemed to be written for her in these days and then she turned to me and said, just simply this, "So when am I getting baptized?"

Me conducting a baptism
I was like, “ahhhh, September 26?”  She said, “great, because I need to be.”  You can picture the look on my face when I was asked that.  So this past Saturday marked my 18-month mark in the mission field.  We also had a wonderful baptism of a gentleman named Muka. He is from Burma. We met him tracting and started to teach him.  Wow, has he come a really long way. You can see the change in him, in fact, when he was baptized by one of my companions all he kept saying was, “thank you” over and over again.  It made me wonder if every time I take the Sacrament if I take time to tell my Savior Jesus Christ Thank You! Thank You for helping me out. Thank You for always being there for me. Thank You for the brave missionaries who followed a simple prompting to talk to my uncle on the road side. I have come to realize I have not and that made me a little sad to be quite honest, for the Lord has helped and continues to help me so much, whether through Him or through others.  I know He will always be there to help me, no matter what.  I pray we will never forget to say, “thank you” every day – even more than once in our day, when we see the Lord's hand in all we do.

The Army of Helaman:  Me with Elders Baker, 
Pehrson (the tall one), Harris, and Miller.
This morning I got up and went outside. It was so cold I could see my breath and I saidm “come on,” but then as I went outside I thought I will just have to get me a sweat through all this cold.  So there are chances to say thank you all the time so don't miss the opportunity to do so.

As I was doing my personal study the day we were finishing up exchanges I was prompted to read a poem called, "Feed My Sheep." It is a poem I wrote.  Please don't ask me how but when the Holy Spirit says to write, that is what I do.  In a sense, I feel like this is the way the Lord answers me sometimes; and, though strange, I appreciate it so much in the end, because as I finished reading the poem I felt the Holy Spirit so much I shared it with every single one of the elders during companionship study. The Spirit was there, I know that I am not good at a lot of things but this I know. The Lord loves each and every single one of us. I pray we will all do as he says and share his Gospel and to remember to say “Thank You” as we do, for now you have something you can share with someone who is close to you whether it is a friend or foe.  

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