Monday, September 21, 2015

Simeon Stays Put

Me with the funny card you sent.
So, here is the transfer news.  Are you ready?  I am staying right where I am (in Decatur), so I know the Lord needs me here for a reason.  So I will stay until he says, “hey, your work in this area is done.  Let’s go on to the next one here in Atlanta” or where ever he needs me. I like what Sel said about how trials make us stronger and we should always know we are never alone which is very comforting to know.

This week was good. We did a lot of work from exchanges to everything else.  It was all just awesome work. We were teaching Muka this week and I just sat there looking at him, thinking to myself, “wow, this gentleman truly is a son of his Heavenly Father.” If everyone was like him and had the desire to learn this wonderful plan the Lord has in store for them, all would be well, no matter where we are serving. Oh, how my joy would be filled, but that is not the case. There is still hope and that is why we are out here serving in the first place.

I am almost over my cold. I decided not to tell Sister Sappington because I know how she is about these things. I just worked through it. Sel would say, “way to go bro” so I knew all would be well. Now things will pick up here. I am happy for everyone who gets baptized and it is a joy to see even if it is not in my own personal area. I am happy none-the-less. We had an amazing lesson this week with a woman by the name of Angela. She and her husband have been taking the lessons from the missionaries for a while now and they know the Gospel is true, but have held back a lot. We went over and just poured out our souls to help them see the blessings in store for them as they made the step to be baptized. Angela was in tears as she finally told us she knew it was true!  The Holy Spirit was so strong. It was wonderful and I know she felt it. This week I read in 1st Nephi:6.  Although it is a very short chapter I felt Nephi's love for all of us as he explained the things he writes is for those who are in the world but not of it. He shows how much he cares for our salvation and it is wonderful to know the little we do can help others a thousand times over because of the restored gospel and I pray we will never stop doing that.  

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