Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Simeon at the Summit

At the summit.  Conquering Stone Mountain!
This week was really good. I went again on a Spanish splits and just like before I only knew about five words out of every few sentences. I still need a ton of work with my Spanish, but hey the work of the Lord goes on.  We were able to find a few persons this week who were super interested in what we share. In fact, yesterday as we were looking for someone, two ladies motioned us over and asked who we were. When we told them she gave us high fives, then as we were talking with them I noticed the car in which they drove had a Trinidadian flag inside.  I asked who was from the Caribbean and was able to talk to the man who owned the car! 

We were also blessed to see the miracles of the Gospel in the lives of two persons who received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. They are taking those steps down the path of enduring which is so wonderful to see.  We also had a good sit down talk with our mission President on how we can best help everyone including the missionaries we serve. 

Elders Haun, Hope, me, Nelson and Snedaker
at the top of Stone Mountain together
It got me thinking of a talk I heard in the MTC by Elder Bednar who talked a lot about charity.  In that talk something he said stood out to me. He said, "Charity Is not something we can possess. It is something that possesses us." I pondered that for a really long time because I always love to serve others but had never really thought of it in that way.  So I have set about to be more worthy to receive the wonderful gift of charity and indeed serve and show love to all. Hey, you may never know how much you can bless the life of someone who is in trouble just by saying good morning or even hello when you meet them.  Those simple words can make their day a whole lot better. The gift of charity is and will always be here for the Lord to give us. I pray we may all show a little more love, patience and long suffering as we show the Lord we are worthy of his Gift. 

PS: This week my companions also got back at me for finding out their failed plot to catch me asleep so they funny stringed me "big time."  All my efforts to fight back were in vain but they still did not get a picture, so hurray.

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