Monday, July 6, 2015

Simeon's New Mission President

Ready for P-day
Well, this week just up and flew by. I honestly have no idea where it went but it was a really good week.

We welcomed our new mission president and I will be honest, he is the total opposite of our old mission president though both their objectives are the same.  It just goes to show the Lord knows whom he calls and why he calls them.  Our new mission President Foote is really a lovable guy.  Sister Foote is a very good artist.  I look forward to working with both of them. 
This week we taught a very cool Asian gentleman from Bhutan, a country between China and India.  He had never heard of the Book of Mormon before so it was amazing to see how excited he was to let us tell him more. He had so many questions, he just kept popping them at us faster than a speeding bullet.  He reminded me of a 10-year-old on a sugar rush, but when we gave him the Book of Mormon to read ,he calmed down and took it gently with both hands and said thank you.  It truly was something special.

My new planner
I was totally disappointed with the 4th of July because I saw no fireworks.  My companions made me sing the first stanza of the national anthem.  I gave them a super hard time about it with a million excuses of why I should not do it.  They still do not know I was pulling their legs a little. What was super funny was that since I got them both on my camera sleeping after a really tough day of missionary work they decided to try and get me back! There is only one problem with that. I do not fall asleep until I am in my bed for the night.  So as I went to lay on my bed and ponder the day for a minute, unknown to them I could hear them discussing their plans. I sat there waiting but they never came so I got up and walked out of the bedroom to find both of my companions on the floor crawling!  It was so funny. They had even taken off their belts and shoes so as to not make a sound.  When they saw me they made up this ridiculous story of a bug they were looking for.  Oh, how I wish I had my camera. Missionary work is tough so I believe the Lord always allows us to have a laugh because what good would it be to be sad and grumpy all of the time.

During my studies this week I came across a talk from General Conference and this is what I learned from it that "A Saint is someone who keeps on trying" and I believe that because we are by far not perfect and God knows that but he also knows we are trying to become perfect so don't be afraid if you stumble while answering a non-member friend’s question.  Just keep trying because to God that is a success not a Failure.  

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