Monday, May 19, 2014

Simeon Takes Time to Smell the Roses

So this week was a little tough. We did not find a lot of new investigators to teach and we taught very few lessons to the investigators we do have. It rained a lot this week (my kind of weather) and I was blown away at how my Heavenly Father works.  

This is for Sel: do not be discouraged.  This is all part of missionary work, so instead of backing down, step up and meet the challenge. "Forget Yourself and Go To Work" I told myself that countless times and I still do. By following the promptings of the spirit we found two new investigators yesterday.  My companion said I was boasting, but instead of answering him with a rude comeback I simply stated I rejoice not in myself but in my Heavenly Father for He was the one who guided me to that particular family. It reminds me of Ammon when his brothers thought the same thing, but this was the second time this week I had been prompted and by following those promptings was led by the Holy Spirit to good people. 

I love that the Holy spirit is with us even when we are struggling to find those prepared.  It gives meaning to President Hinckley's father’s words but shows it as well. I am reminded of the flower outside our apartment door.  Once it looked like it would never make it and then the rain came and gave it life! As missionaries we are all like that flower.  Sometimes we feel discouraged because we are not finding people to teach or we are not perfect in speech.  That is when Heavenly Father sends a little rain on us and shows us all our hard work was not done in vain.

Oh, and check out this little guy (a centipede) I found on our bedroom floor.  I think he wanted to find new feet to bite. Hahaha, my companion was scared stiff.

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