Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Selwin is Up A Tree

Really, Elder?  Is this P-Day activity approved by your mission president?
So we were out with a member on Sunday evening doing some tracting and as usual we weren't having any success in sharing this wonderful gospel with anyone.  But that did not daunt our spirits about finding at least one person to teach or to share the message with. So we saw a gentleman cleaning out his garage and asked him if he needed help.  Of course, the answer was no but we then asked him if he had some time to listen to the message we share.  The answer to that was "yes, I do". So I noticed some bikes and realized this gentleman had a family so I struck up a conversation around the Plan of Salvation, and it was good.  We then asked him what he thought about life after death and about being together with his family forever.  After receiving his answer, we shared with him Alma chapter 40:11.  He looked a little puzzled after reading it and so I was prompted to share my testimony about the Plan which Heavenly Father has made for us and the joy it brought me to know me and my family could be together forever, especially my mom who passed away when we were only six years old. And so we challenged him to read the entire chapter and to read the Book of Mormon as a whole, but before I left - and I only found out after what I was about to share with this gentleman - the member who was with us felt the urge to do the same. So I opened the Book of Mormon and read from 2 Nephi 33:10-11.  Never before had I read this scripture so I felt so much joy in sharing it.  The feeling was amazing.  As we left and made our way down the street and I learned the member was about to do the same thing it made me feel awesome to know even if persons don't accept the message we share, it will definitely leave an impression on them to change their life for the better. I guess what I'm trying to say is to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, be obedient and stand firm in what you believe and in doing so you will not only bless their lives but yours as well.

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