Monday, May 5, 2014

Simeon and the Spirit of Elijah

So, we finally went to the temple (YES!).  It was amazing to do work for my ancestors giving them the opportunity to accept this wonderful gospel.  Boy, if I could, I would live in the temple.  The presence of the Holy Spirit is so strong, it is wonderful. It brought me peace to know I had done the work for one of my ancestors, but it dawned on me "I Had Only Just Begun" and there are many more of my ancestors who need their work done.  Thinking about how families and the gospel really do go hand-in-hand and how the gospel blesses families carried me through the week. We actually taught a few families this week and I boldly stated the point of families being ordained of God and families can be together forever. I decided I needed all the help I could get so I prayed and followed the directions of the Spirit as I taught. Then I rounded up all those mini-missionaries I got, took out my planner and with this much help, food and a planner for families and investigators and, of course, me, the holy spirit and Heavenly Father, I will press on to find and teach families and individuals this glorious gospel.  

We had a talent show last Friday and they taped the whole thing.  I saw on the program I was to share my talent.  I was like, “Oh, boy … run for it” and I would have run for it, but my companion had to perform, too, so I got up there when it was my turn and decided to … please note when I say this … "TRY" to sing two short songs. Where the courage came from I have no idea but as I sang I would stop and share jokes along the way (because I was so nervous) but, hey, I finished my performance, breathed a sigh of relief, sat down and waited for the applause to end. That's right, the people loved me!!!

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  1. Way to go it sounds like you are really getting into the spirit of your mission. As you continue to work as hard as you are working, success will come. Maybe the numbers will be small or maybe large, it will come and always remember the joy this will bring to you as missionaries and those you bring into the fold. Keep up the good work Elders. Best Wishes, Brother Ed