Thursday, April 17, 2014

Simeon's First Week in the Field

This pillow case was made for each of the missionaries by those in
the Primary, Young Women's program and Relief Society.
Simeon writes, well, I'm here but, boy, it isn't easy.  The people here all believe in God but they like the church they are going to more.  We explain to them we believe in God as well, and that His true church and His gospel have been restored to the earth, but they don't want to hear it.  Some shut their doors, others say they aren't interested and a minister even prayed for our eyes to be opened (of course, they already are!!) because he thinks we have been brain-washed. That shook my companion up a bit. We went to a recent convert's home to cool off but she had about 25 cats so I almost lost it, too.  I had to stay cool through 45 minutes of talking and being around cats.  Anyway, we found 3 new investigators and one who said he would pray about being baptized.  We also got drenched by the rain, dirty and cold ... and all of this happened in my first week!  But as they say in the MTC, "if you can make it to Sunday, you'll make it all the way!!!"

By the way, I need help learning to play the piano again.  They want me to play for them at district meeting and I can't even remember how! But I'm okay. I had a little okay and tough week mixed in together, so there is no complaining from me.  The weather is awesome and Sel is finally in the MTC. Oh Yeah!

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