Monday, April 28, 2014

Simeon Will Follow His Dream

This week they told us our vision in the Georgia Atlanta Mission is to baptize.  They told us we should be thinking about baptizing, talking about it as companions and with one another and should be dreaming about it, as well. My week went way better than last week. I felt the missionary spirit.  It was amazing and YES! … we found investigators. 

Now I think about "The Vision To Baptize", as well as talk and dream about it, but I needed something to always remember. They told us when we dream about it we should follow that dream so I took my planner and did this so I will always remember "The Vision To Baptize". Follow the pattern from picture #1 and you will get it.  And who said I never use my brain!

My companion Elder Crowther, wanted to feel normal again so we went biking on P-day. So he put on some "normal people" clothes, slipped on his name tag and said, "Elder, let's go." Now he never wants to be normal again and hey, I always liked being a missionary anyway.  Let's just say, I prefer to be a missionary instead and now, so does he.  

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